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What is GPU cryptocurrency mining?

This blog post discusses the basics of cryptocurrency mining and the industry. A specific focus is placed on GPU mining. To help you understand this blog post, here is some vocabulary that might be helpful.


What Are Graphics Cards (GPUs)?


GPU - Graphics Processing Unit, which is found in computer graphics cards.

Hash - A fixed-length string of characters based on any input.

Block - Represents the present as well as its past and future. Every time a new “block” is added to a blockchain, it becomes part of the past.

It's important to grasp what crypto mining is and what it requires so you can understand why some GPUs aren't readily available right now and why purchasing them may not be profitable for everyone.


So, What Is It?


In crypto mining the fundamental process is the completion of a difficult math puzzle and once it is solved a unit of digital currency is created. It's a mathematical operation that takes digital information in a "block" with things like a timestamp, a transaction count, and other data, and pushes it all through a mathematical operation called a hash function. In other words, these mining machines work 24 hours a day in order to solve these complex math problems. You earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, or whatever currency you are mining if your computer is the first one to solve the problem. 



By inputting information, this function produces a practically unique string of 64 hexadecimal values. In order for the output value to be accepted, it must pass a particular target value. In the case of Bitcoin, the output block must contain a specific number of leading zeroes. When your hash value is accepted, you become the owner of that block and earn a unit of cryptocurrency.

It's no longer necessary to own a high-powered desktop PC to mine cryptocurrency and with the recent technological advancements, laptops, notebooks, and tablets are even being incorporated into crypto mining operations.


Are They Still Profitable?


This year and last, in particular, it has been harder than ever to buy graphics cards. GPU prices increased due to more people upgrading their computers, global chip shortages, and the rise in the popularity of mining. 



Consequently, the initial investment in the graphics card has taken longer to repay for miners. In the present situation, the payoff would take approximately 6 months to a year. In traditional investing this speed of return on investment is unusual, but mining this is quite a long period of time, considering that at the outset of the boom of crypto mining you would have received this return within the first month of purchasing your GPU. 


Over the last few years, the process of mining has become more than just a lucrative side business with people setting up mining rigs in their spare rooms and basements, then selling the digital assets they earned. It has become a massive business for corporations and venture capitalists all over the world. However, it is not as profitable for an individual to mine with a single GPU but with a premade mining rig you will be able to turn a profit in no time at all. 

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