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Noise considerations - why do crypto mining rigs make so much noise and how to combat it.

The cryptocurrency mining industry is not a silent one. Miners can generate a great deal of noise. On average, rigs have noise levels between 50 DB and 75 DB, comparable to a vacuum cleaner or a food processor.

Commercial mining operations are loud, let's face it. Fans pump hard to keep servers cool, but the added noise of the cooling and ventilation systems also contributes to a general hum you have to shout over in order to be heard. Setting up a mining operation at home might not be for everyone so you may want to look into hosted mining services.

It is very important to equip an at-home mining operation with noise cancellation equipment if you are looking for peace and quiet. You can manage noise in a variety of ways, from installing rigs in your garage or shed and using foam panels or soundproofing to placing rigs in insulated portable coolers with exhaust vents.

The main culprit of the noise is fans running at high speeds. There's not much you can do to quiet those fans. Soundproofing is definitely something you want to consider when starting your mining setup. Think about the room where the machine is located and be strategic, think basements or attics, not directly next to your bedroom as it's likely some of the noise will be heard elsewhere in the house.

There is no doubt that you will need ventilation. No matter how big the room is, if you leave a 2,000-watt heater running for a few days, it's gonna get hot! Another thing that can help with this is to use grow tents with additional ventilation so exploring the use of them might be an option depending on the size of your operation. 

Here are 3 ways you can reduce the noise: 

  1. Increase the distance between your rigs, You should space your equipment at least 5  inches apart unless you have access to outside cooling. In this way, the cards won't vent onto each other, improving performance.
  2. You can use any simple fan for a GPU rig if you have an open-air rig and plan to add a fan. Place the fan between the cards and away from a wall so it blows between the cards. If you point it into an open space, this will reduce stress on your card fans and keep your noise to that of a single box fan. 
  3. Let's not forget the little things. Put your rig somewhere well-ventilated. Keep the windows open as much as possible. Avoid placing it near any heat source. Avoid direct sunlight. Make sure it's not stacked. Be sure to blow the dust out of each card's cooler with a can of compressed air and turn off your rig as you remove each card. Clogged coolers will make cooling more difficult and force the cards to work harder.

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