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How to Store Crypto Mining Rigs for Optimum Performance

You’ve done your research. You’ve followed all the best crypto Twitter accounts. You’ve calculated your Nicehash returns, and you've taken the plunge and finally bought that rig you dreamed about. That just leaves you with one question.

Where on Earth are you going to put it?

Of course, you want your rig best placed to maximise its returns; that goes without saying. In real terms, then, what does that require? The good news is, it's much simpler than you think!

What does my crypto mining rig require?

In some ways, owning a new mining rig is similar to owning a pet or a plant. Fulfil its basic needs, perform a bit of maintenance, and the rewards will keep on coming for a long, long time.

So what does a crypto mining rig need? If we use our most popular Endeavour Rig as an example, then the actual requirements are relatively simple. All you will need is:

  • A 240v Power Supply (aka a regular run of the mill plug socket)
  • A reliable Internet connection (speed is not important)
  • A physical space large enough for the rig to be well ventilated

Really, that’s it. That’s all you will need to start earning money from your rig. That’s the bare minimum you need to provide to get started in the crypto mining world. Of course, to get the absolute maximum output from your rig, there are a few improvements you can make. 

Make the most of your environment.

Okay, so we've bought the Endeavour Rig, we've met all the requirements, and we're keen to get started. How do we make sure we get the absolute maximum from our rig? An excellent place to start is choosing the right location.

The first step is to choose the best location available to us that can provide power and internet. It might be a spare bedroom, a garage, or even next to your regular desktop PC. Try to choose a spot away from sources of heat, like radiators, and leave a decent amount of room behind your rig to allow for good airflow. Essentially, most places you can put your PC, you can place a mining rig.

Often the ideal location is far away from your internet router so solutions such as TP-link PowerLine which runs the internet through your house's electrical wiring or TP-link Wifi Extender can help you to bridge the gap between your router and your rig location. Please note that our UK wide installation service provides you with any additional peripherals needed to make your rig work, including an onsite assessment of installing multiple mining rigs into a farm.

If you plan to add another rig to your crypto mining empire in the future, now is a great time to plan your environment. How will you stack multiple rigs? Have you considered how you will vent or cool hot air? Do you have a cable management plan for all the power wires? Time spent planning around your first initial rig will save you hours of pain later on.

If you intend to mine cryptocurrency in a garage or shed, give your security set-up some thought. Mining rigs are expensive investments, so treat them the same way you would any valuable. Strong locks and alarms are always worthwhile buys.

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